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Time-sensitive mail (inquiries, referee reports, petitions, etc.) concerning manuscripts for which I am acting as editor at Journal of the American Chemical Society or Computer Physics Communications should be sent to . Messages sent to the editor address will go straight to my secretary, Ms. Flurnia Hadley-Davis. They read and expedite the mail sent to that address every morning. They bring any mail that needs my personal attention to me in the most efficient possible way. This system prevents delay when I am unavailable and ensures that manuscript correspondence is always handled in a timely fashion. Manuscript correspondence should always include the name of the journal, your name, the name of the first author of the manuscript, and the title or complete file number of the paper. Thank you for your attention to these points.

General email for Theoretical Chemistry Accounts should go to Email specifically directed to me as Chief Advisory Editor of TCA should go to the address below.

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Email Don Truhlar,


Chemistry 8541: "Dynamics" (Fall 2015)




Chemistry 8066: "Professional Conduct of Chemical Research" (Spring 2016)


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Scientific glossaries and guidelines

ACS Ethical Guidelines

Amino acid abbreviations IUBMB Recommendations on Biochemical & Organic Nomenclature, Symbols & Terminology

IUPAC Guidelines for Presentation of Methodological Choices in the Publication of Computational Results: Stewart, J. J. P. "Guidelines for presentation of methodological choices in the publication of computational results" Pure Appl. Chem. 2000, 72, 1449-1452. Web site PDF

IUPAC Guidelines for Publication of Research Results from Force-Field Calculations

IUPAC Nomenclature and Terminology
JACS Select Glossary of Molecular Modeling of Complex Chemical Systems

Citation: D. G. Truhlar, JACS Select #3 Glossary, posted online Dec. 10, 2008,
Web site:

Key references

Kohn's Nobel Prize Acceptance

NIST Digitial Library of Mathematical Functions (update of AMS-55)

Pople's Nobel Prize Acceptance

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