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Date of this version of the database: November 26, 2012

Minnesota Solvation Database – version 2012

If this database is used for published work, the following citation should be given:

    Marenich, A. V.; Kelly, C. P.; Thompson, J. D.; Hawkins, G. D.;
    Chambers, C. C.; Giesen, D. J.; Winget, P.; Cramer, C. J.; Truhlar, D. G.
    Minnesota Solvation Database – version 2012, University of Minnesota,
    Minneapolis, 2012.

One or more references to the original literature should be given as well.
These references are given in the final section of the manual.


The Minnesota Solvation Database – version 2012 presents a collection of 3037 experimental solvation free energies
and transfer free energies for 790 unique solutes (neutrals and ions) in 92 solvents and gas-phase molecular geometries
in Cartesian coordinates for the corresponding solutes.

Users Manual

PDF format


The distributed version of the database is available for downloading (Web access only) at the University of Minnesota.
The distributed version of the database includes unpublished licensed materials and requires a licence. To obtain the database,
print, fill out, and sign the license below and either fax it to Donald G. Truhlar at 612-626-9390 or scan it and send it as
an e-mail attachment to Software Manager (software at comp.chem.umn.edu). You will then receive the password required
for downloading by email.

For non-profit organizations the license is free of charge and can be downloaded here:
User or group license form for non-profit organizations

A commercial license is available for a fee of $6000. The commercial license form may be downloaded here:
Commercial License Form

Download Minnesota Solvation Database – version 2012

Questions about the MNSOL license can be sent to exprlic@umn.edu.

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Review Articles

"Solvation Thermodynamics and the Treatment of Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Solvation Effects by Models Based on Collective Solvent Coordinates,"
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(Kluwer Academic/Plenum, New York, 2001), pp. 63-95. Available as PDF file Unpublished errata

“SMx Continuum Models for Condensed Phases,” C. J. Cramer and D. G. Truhlar, in Trends and Perspectives in Modern Computational Science,
Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences, Vol. 6, edited by G. Maroulis and T.E. Simos (Brill/VSP, Leiden, 2006), pp. 112-139. Available as PDF file

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