Minnesota - VASP Functional Module

Date of most recent change to this page:   Sept. 7, 2019.
Date of version 2019-A:   Sept. 5, 2019.

MN-VFM version 2019-A

Kaining Duanmu, Sijie Luo, Pragya Verma, Xiao He, and Donald G. Truhlar


MN-VFM (Minnesota VASP Functional Module) is a module for incorporation of additional exchange-correlation functionals into VASP.

MN-VFM adds the following exchange-correlation capabilities to VASP:

  • SOGGA, SOGGA11, SOGGA11-X, N12, N12-SX, MN12-L, GAM, MN15-L, HLE17, revM06-L, and M06-SX functionals.
  • Details of the functionals are given in the users' manual and our density functional webpage.

    Availability and Distribution

    MN-VFM is a locally modified version of the VASP code. For information regarding the availability of MN-VFM, please contact Don Truhlar.

    Source code

    VASP code is available from VASP.

    Related Code

    Users may find MFM to be useful. MFM is free and unlicensed.

    Users' Manual

    MN-VFM Users' Manual in PDF format

    References and links

    Density Functionals from the Truhlar Group
    Password-protected link for internal use