Minnesota - Gaussian Functional Module

Date of most recent change to this page:   Oct. 27th, 2019.
Date of version 6.11:   Oct. 26th, 2019.

MN-GFM-version 6.11


MN-GFM (Minnesota Gaussian Functional Module) is a module for incorporation of the new DFT models into GAUSSIAN09 Revision C.01

MN-GFM adds the following new capabilities to GAUSSIAN:

  • The PW6B95, PWB6K, SOGGA, SOGGA11, SOGGA11-X, N12, N12-SX, M08-HX, M08-SO, M11, M11-L, MN12-L, MN12-SX, PBEsol, WC06, RPBE, revPBE, B97-3, B86, GAM, MN15-L, MN15, OreLYP, MGGA_MS0, MGGA_MS1, MGGA_MS2, MGGA_MS2h, revM06-L, revM06, and revM11 functionals.
  • Details of the functionals are given in the users' manual and our density functional webpage.

    Availability and Distribution

    MN-GFM is a locally modified version of the GAUSSIAN code. Our license does not permit distribution of modified GAUSSIAN code.

    Source code

    GAUSSIAN09 code is available from Gaussian, Inc.. Because of licensing restrictions, MN-GFM is only available for internal use; however, external users may find MFM to be useful. MFM is free and unlicensed.

    Users' Manual

    MN-GFM Users' Manual in PDF format


    Platforms MN-GFM has been tested on

    References and links

    Density Functionals from the Truhlar Group
    Password-protected link for internal use