Minnesota density functionals available in Jaguar

The following functionals developed at Minnesota are available in Jaguar:
Functional Availability
PW6B95 Version 7.0 and later    
PWB6K Version 7.0 and later
M05 Version 7.0 and later
M05-2X Version 7.0 and later, but there is a bug for this functional in 7.0.
This bug is fixed in version 7.0.207.
M06-L Version 7.0.207 and later
M06 Version 7.0.207 and later
M06-2X Version 7.0.207 and later
M06-HF Version 7.0.207 and later
M08-HX Now available
M08-SO Now available
M11-L Now available
M11 Now available
MN12-L Now available
MN15-L Now available
MN15 Now available

Energies and analytic gradients are available for all the above functionals in Jaguar.

Version 7.0.207 of Jaguar was released on August 24, 2007.  See


Minnesota Density Functionals