March 2004

FPIMC-versions C15, D20, E21, E22, E23, E23.1, E24.0,

E25.0, E25.1, E25.2, E25.3, E25.4, E25.4.1, E25.4.2, E25.4.3, and E26.0

by Steven L. Mielke, Vanessa Audette Lynch, and Donald G. Truhlar

These are versions of a program for doing Fourier Path-Integral Monte Carlo (FPIMC) calculations in serial or on parallel computers with Message Passing Interface. This program package is currently not being distributed outside the Truhlar group. All inquiries about usage and possible collaborations should be directed to

Donald G. Truhlar
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
207, Pleasant Street SE,
Minneapolis, MN, 55455-0431

Email: truhlar@chem.umn.edu

Phone: (612)-624-7555

Code Manuals

Please contact D. G. Truhlar at the above address for a copy of the manuals.


The authors are grateful to Yuri Volobuev, Jay Srinivasan, Robert Topper, and Yi-Ping Liu for their contributions to earlier FPIMC codes and to the FPIMC project in general.